Photo by Daniel Bolliger Studio
Photo by Daniel Bolliger Studio
I am a 26-year old fashion designer from Basel, Switzerland.

To me, fashion means transforming and moving of experiences and conceptions. It's like a journey where one is constantly discovering something new, filling a suitcase with unforgettable shapes and colours, and taking home memorable moments. I started my fashion journey in early childhood by dressing up, drawing and creating my own costumes for theater plays. This journey has continued until now, letting me express my unconventional ideas and give shape to my personality.


Although fashion is often superficial, it holds enormous weight and depth for me. It manages to provoke and aggravate as much as it connects cultures and brings unity. Through fashion I see an opportunity to question the behaviour and encourage a new mindset in society. My drafts are the results of antagonisms which turn into unexpected and energetic combinations. My personal connection, the definition of masculinity and gender, extravagance and the obvious play an essential role in my designing process.


I'm curious to see where my fashion journey is taking me next. I'm ready to take off.