Photo by Daniel Bolliger Studio
Photo by Daniel Bolliger Studio

Raised in a religious family as a pastor’s gay son I was confronted early on with opposites. My talents for the arts have helped me to escape these inner conflicts and break free from rigid rules and a narrow minded world view. Until this present day, creating, transforming and performing portrays a romanticised place of refuge to me. The experience of breaking free from conformities and the oppositeness are reoccurring elements in my designs.


The personally experienced process of detachment from a rigid religious system, which excludes and even demonises LGBTQIA people and rejects their right for faith became my creative urge.  I work metaphorically within the contrasting contexts of religion and sexuality showing the disoriented and questioning status quo after the detachment into a self-determined life. It is about an inner fight between shame and authenticity.  

I often felt very lonely within this trauma and through expressing this with my creations I am able to find and meet people with similar backgrounds and find help and support each other. This tribe needs to be heard and to be seen. I would like to use the arts to work through these experienced traumas and reach The Promised Land. 


Timon Imveldt is a 33-year old multidisciplinary artist, costume maker and designer, born and raised in Switzerland, currently living in London.